9 Best Blogger Templates for 2022

We have collected the best Blogger Templates for 2022. Some are even available for free. Some other are meant to be sold for a single user. I have prepared this list of the most awesome Blogger themes based on my extensive involvement in Blogger world since 2009.

I had been through other awesome templates. However, more recent themes have preoccupied by list of 9 best Blogger themes as they fulfill several criteria that I have set.

9 Best Blogger Templates of 2022

1. Best and Free Blogger Template – Jet Theme

Jet theme is the best Blogger template for me in 2022. It comes in two variants – Jet Theme Blog and Jet Theme Newspaper. Jet Theme Blog template is currently available for free. Though it is freely available, it is not encrypted. The Newspaper Template has more freedom in design and functionalities. The page load speed is impressive. The design is awesome. The SEO opportunities in Jet Blogger template are always a win-win situation for a free Blogger template.

2. Mag One by Sneeit – the Blogger Template that Beats WordPress Promises

Techy Gen has earlier identified Mag One as number one Blogger template for news or magazine website. More has already been said about this Blogger template. We would like to inform you that developers of Mag One Blogger template also develop WordPress themes. The functionality and design of WordPress theme is hence attempted to bring in the Blogger theme and platform itself.

Author / Developer at Sneeit have kept certain price for the Blogger theme at ThemeForest.

3. Materia X2 – Blogger Template that Defies the Limitations of Blogger

The developer of Materia X2 Blogger template are El Creative Academy, Indonesia. Like Mag One, these developers have also defied the limitations of Blogger as a platform.

Imagine WordPress platform which has category page in which we can put little description of the category, right? These developers of Materia X2 theme have made it possible to create label description on label search page. You might want to buy and download Materia X2 Blogger Template.

4. Median UI – the Magical Blogger Template from Indonesia

Median UI is the Blogger theme that has been increasingly becoming popular since 2020. The developers of Median UI theme are called Jago Desain. The theme appears to be SEO Friendly, fast loading, adsense friendly, and of course – cool looking. The design and UI of Median UI is super-awesome. The theme appears to be 3-column. The navigation panel is on the left column of the screen which can be toggled on and off.

Median UI is rich with typography and writing formats. It can also be used as product review website. This Blogger template is mostly used by Blogger and SEO enthusiasts. You might want to buy and download Median UI Blogger Template.

5. LiteSpot – the Paradigm Shift in Blogger Templates and SEO

Let me share you my personal experience. I had never multiplied by website traffic because most of the Blogger templates were not SEO friendly. My website began to bring enormous traffic after I installed LiteSpot template in my Blogger platform. My website began to rank on Google’s SERPs only few days after I installed LiteSpot theme.

Other Blogger acquaintances in my network shared similar story with me. They had also magically increased website traffic with LiteSpot theme. It is said that the ‘schema markup’, fast-loading speed, and design of the template played a positive role in ranking of websites with this theme. It is available in free- and paid versions. However, to get the full potential of the theme, you must buy the paid version of LiteSpot Blogger Theme.

6. Material UI – the Creative Blogger Template Alternative to Median UI

Material UI, Median UI and Materia X2 are 3-column Blogger Templates. Yet, all 3 are different. Material UI is more focused on user experience. It is developed by Piki Templates. With fast loading speed and user experience, the template adds to the ranking of the website. The template is SEO-optimized as well.

To get the full functionalities and design prospects, you might be interested to buy Material UI Blogger template.

7. Fletro Pro – with Which your Website Ranks (almost guaranteed)

Well, let me make it clear here. I can not guarantee that your Blogger blog will be ranked with Fletro Pro Blogger Template. However, experiences of many full-time Bloggers reveals so.

Fletro Pro is developed and distributed by Jago Desain, Indonesia. This Blogger template carries functionalities and design prospects of Median UI. However, Fletro Pro is mostly 2-column theme.

You might want to try Fletro Pro Blogger Theme.

8. Anartisis – the Ultimate Blogger Template for Professionals

We had written that Anartisis is the most modern and elegant Blogger template for news websites. It is in fact fast loading, SEO friendly and rich in design blocks of the posts.

It is developed by fbtemplates. You can see demo of Anartisis Blogger theme.

9. Fiksioner – Free, SEO-friendly Blogger Template

One might be surprised reading my blogs. S/he may ask – how can a developer release an SEO-friendly product for free? However, it has happened. Igniel is the developer of this Blogger theme called Fiksioner.

This theme has automated ‘related posts’ widget in the posts. Fiksioner is also fast loading. It has ample spaces for Google Adsense. It has featured posts section, in-feed ads section, sticky sidebar among many.

Fiksioner is a Free Blogger Template and the most awesome among the free templates from Indonesia. Please have a good review of this template before deciding to download Fiksioner Blogger Template.


We have mentioned best Blogger templates of all time as per our experience and research. You might be interested in other free Blogger themes listed in our website.

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