Add Privacy Policy Page to Your Blog Website

Do you want to add a privacy policy page on your website? You might be a little unsure about the utility of such a page on your website.

Your website may collect information from users in many forms. You may have a contact form on your website which collects the email addresses, and full names of the visitors.

You may have installed analytics to track your visitor’s behavior. Most of the websites use cookies by default.

privacy policy page how to

By law, you must inform your website visitors about all these. In fact, you must realize that every website, and/or blog in the www should be legally compliant regarding everything, and privacy is one of those concerns.

It is also said that Google Adsense Program Implementation requires your website to have clearly presented privacy policy.

You can create a ‘Privacy Policy’ page in any kind of CMS or web project. It can be put on WordPress websites, Blogger-based websites, Drupal-based projects, or any.

How to Add Privacy Policy Page to Blogger Website?

You can learn the basics of legal aspects of websites and blogs from the free tutorials available in EdX, Coursera etc. When you feel confident, you can develop your Privacy Policy and make yourself committed to it. Just create a page in Blogger, type in (or copy-paste from your source) the privacy policy, and then publish the page!

Use Privacy Policy Generator

On my website, I have also used Free Privacy Policy Generator App. It might take a little more time to type the custom privacy policy and to put anchor codes in HTML when we need to provide links to pages like ‘contact me’ etc. Privacy Policy generator tools come to be handy.

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