Edit 16px favicon.ico [2022 Guide]

Majority of us might hastily resort to look for ‘online favicon maker‘ in the search engines or social media to make favicon for your website. However, I went little further to make my own 16px favicon.ico. I hereby share my experience.

At first, I tried to get some free readymade .ico files, and even converted some PNG files to .ico. I had been never satisfied as they did not exhibit originality and my complete identity. I read some articles on ‘branding’ and found that editing the 16px image is not a big deal.

edit favicon.ico

I then decided to draw every 16×16 blocks of pixels online. Beforehand, I looked into some existing favicons of some successful businesses. Finally, I came out with my own favicon.

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Suggestions for creating your own favicon.ico

You might also get inspired to create your own favicon.ico. Go for it! However, please read some of the suggestions below.


The color of the favicon should be in symbiosis with the overall color planning for your website. It can be one-colored, or multi-color. Sometimes, the colors with lesser contrast help in justifying the curves if you are using the design that demands the curves in the picture.


The most strong shape of your favicon is square. I mean, you can utilize maximum of the 16 pixels available for you when you choose this shape. Or perhaps, if you choose strong colors and graphical strategy other shapes have also been appealing.


The design of your favicon should be in tandem with your brand identity. It can be a letter. You can also use miniature of your logo.


The most important thing is clarity. Favicon has been regarded as one of the important anthropological aspect of SEO. It means that your visitors tend to like you when you cast a good impression in them. Clarity in favicon is part of your strategies.

Some Online Tools for Making Favicon

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Disclaimer and Conclusion

I hope that you liked my article. I have written this article focusing on 16×16 px favicon.ico. There are other alternatives too. I will keep on writing on these as well. You are suggested to read another article on creating favicon.

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