Features & Benefits of Adopting Dedicated Servers

Web hosting is the most important step before establishing your website on the internet. It not only ensures a space for your website on a global platform but also drives its performance. Hence, it is essential to scrutinize the options available in the market to get the most from it. Click here for options for hosting the website on dedicated servers to accelerate your business output.

Through this article, we will discuss the different types of hosting services available for your business and which one will work out the best for you.

Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is a service that allows your website to be accessed by the people residing in various locations of the world. Once you hire this service, a specified server is leased to your web page either partially or completely. The website utilizes the allotted resources of this server to cope with the traffic influx and performance lag.

Some of the hosting services available in the market are as follows:

  • Shared web hosting service
  • VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting Service
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Colocation web hosting
  • Cloud-based web hosting
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting

All the hosting services have some advantages as well as limitations that influence the decision-making process. Hence, it is important to understand your needs and select the services accordingly, to elevate the revenue generation.

Among the aforementioned options, a dedicated server is the most popular web hosting service which effectively handles the tenacious situations encountered by a heavy inflow website.

Dedicated Web Hosting Service

Dedicated hosting server, as the name suggests, is leased to a particular website only. This offers you complete control over the server. The components of the server are also offered exclusively to your website without having to share with the peers. This ensures integrated utilization of resources which produces accentuated solutions.

Benefits Offered by Dedicated Hosting Service

This hosting service offers numerous advantages that immensely contribute to the user experience. Let us have a look at those:

  • With an exclusive access to the hosting server, the control panel and system resources can be utilized without any intervention
  • The existing components can be altered to suit the dynamic requirements of your website.
  • The available Hard Disk Drive can be scaled to store the necessary contents.
  • Mitigation of DDoS in conjugation with the IP-based firewall protects the server from foreign attacks, ensuring optimal performance.
  • The components of the server can be altered, which resists the misuse and adds to the revenue generated from the business.
  • Either Windows or Linux operating system is used in the servers, which is widely operated across the world.
  • It provides unrestricted database and conjoined root access.
  • The scope of coagulation of CPU & RAM is negligible as these are not shared by any other web page.
  • Sabotaged and malicious contents running on a particular website will not affect the operation of your webpage.
  • Sensitive data present in the web page can’t be accessed from any other resource as the server space is not shared.
  • 24/7 technical support assures your website never experiences downtime.
  • Top-notch hardware components ensure robust hosting platform.

How to Select a Proficient Dedicated Hosting Service?

Every website is different that demands bespoke solutions to offer exclusive service to the end users. The hardware and software components should be altered as per the needs of the web pages.

Let us have a look at the necessary components that can be scaled to procure the most from the dedicated servers:

  • Processor- A robust processor is the backbone of a server, which supports the other components efficiently. Virtualization servers, CPU-intensive scripts, specialized servers for games, live streaming, SQL, and video transcoding are some of the attributes to support enhanced services.
  • Memory- The memory requirement of your website must be realized to scale the existing RAM in order to accelerate the uploading time. This will offer the users with an enhanced experience without any lag.
  • Storage- The quantity and type of hard drive can be chosen as per the requirements of the website. Segregate the contents of your website according to the sensitivity and quantity. If your website is packed with confidential information, it is better to store the data on a single hard drive and keep a backup in the secondary storage. This will help revive the information in case of any technical catastrophe.
  • Bandwidth- It determines the amount of traffic that your website will be able to efficiently handle. It directly influences the billing cycle that is the time taken to transfer information from server to user and vice versa. If you have media-rich contents and elevated traffic transaction, hiked bandwidth will add to the satisfaction of the clients.
  • Operating System- Linux and Windows are the operating systems that are deployed to the servers for necessary activities. Since these two are compatible with nearly all the websites, it can be incorporated into your website to meet the needs efficiently.

Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting Service?

Shared web hosting is the most affordable option for the web hosting services. In spite of the low budget, the expensive dedicated servers are chosen over it for the following restrictions:

  • It leases all the components of a server on a shared basis, which creates a performance breach.
  • If the neighboring web page receives traffic influx, the other websites get negatively affected.
  • Bandwidth is shared with neighboring websites which lead to a depleted performance.
  • Due to the common resources, the privacy and security of a web page are not maintained.

Shared web hosting is appropriate for beginners and low profile websites. However, if you own an e-commerce website, nothing can beat the plethora of benefits offered by dedicated servers. It will also ensure greater returns in the long run.


The conjugation of proper research and aforementioned attributes will help seek the finest service provider. It will assist in increasing the satisfaction of the customers irrespective of the amount of traffic witnessed by your web page. Therefore, it is suggested to invest wisely in the accentuated resources rather than offering your clients with a shared service.

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