How to get a YouTube Premium Student subscription discount?

Here’s how simple it is to sign up for a YouTube Premium student subscription. Everything you need to know about this membership service, as well as the benefits of purchasing it and important information, are also provided.

Who Qualifies for a Student Discount on YouTube Premium?

Students receive discounted memberships to YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time at an accredited higher education school in the United States or one of more than 60 other countries. Students must re-verify their eligibility each year, and the discounted subscriptions are only good for up to four years. The verification is carried out by SheerID, a business.

What advantages does YouTube Premium offer?

The main advantages of YouTube Premium include:

Videos without ads: A continuous watching experience. Additionally, your mobile app won’t have any banner adverts.

Background play:

Keep the content playing when using other mobile apps or while the screen is off. This applies to the applications for YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music.

YouTube music:

Play or download each song without interruption. Additionally, it includes an audio-only streaming option.

 YouTube original:

Uncomplicated access to YouTube Originals. The most well-known YouTube celebrities are represented via their series, films, and events.

How to get YouTube Premium Student

Signing up for a YouTube premium student Subscription is very easy and doesn’t take a long time. You can finish signing up student YouTube premium account within less than 4 minutes. YouTube uses a service known as SheerID to verify Eligibility. Anyone can check for school availability by opening the student’s membership landing page for YouTube premium.

Let’s see the steps that need to be followed to get a YouTube Premium Student Subscription account.

  1. Click on YouTube and go to the YouTube Premium student sign-up page. You can also visit directly by clicking the given link or simply typing this link in your browser. It will open a landing page simply click on student plan.

2. After clicking on that popup will appear and ask to continue to go to the SheerID student’s verification. Click on continue.

3. Fill out the signup form. Select and provide your country, university, name, surname, your email address and tick the checkbox to agree with the verification process. Submit the form by clicking the next button.

4. After that, you will be asked to choose a verification method. You can verify student status in two ways either by using school credentials or by using documents. Documents review can take some time as it is reviewed manually and can take up to 48 hours whereas student credentials is instant.

5. Here we are using the student credentials process as it is instant to show you how it can be done. It will ask you to log in to your university/school credentials which may be your Microsoft account as below.

6. After you enter your school/university you will be asked to verify your account. An email is sent to you with a verification code and you have to enter the code as shown below to verify your account.

7. Next, it will ask you to click on finish and it will send you a message saying your account has been verified for a YouTube premium student subscription account.

8. Go to and click on your profile and scroll down. You will see purchase and members click on that it will ask you to continue. After you click on continue with signup it asks for payment verification. After you enter your card details it will show by now option and after clicking there your premium account is activated.

9. Finally, you can enjoy the joy of Your ad-free YouTube premium subscription. To use it you don’t need to do anything simply you can go to the browser or application and start watching from anywhere anytime. If you want to cancel your YouTube Premium Student subscription you can do it easily by going to

Frequently asked questions:

How do I verify my YouTube premium Student?

It is very simple to verify your student status to get YouTube Premium subscription, you can simply go to this website  and verify it with school/university credentials.

How much student premium account cost?

After verifying your student premium account, it costs you around A$8.99(USD6.99).

What Happens When You Finish School?

The YouTube Premium Student discount is only available for four years of periods and you need to keep verifying your account each year. After your school is finished you need to pay the full premium price or cancel your subscription.

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