Jannah – the Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme [Review]

In the list of the most popular WordPress themes, themes like Astra, Divi, Generatepress, and Sydney have been considered by many bloggers. In my first blog about WordPress themes, I am going to feature ‘Jannah’ as one of the emerging and popular WordPress themes through the early 2022s. Its development does not stop here; Tielabs – the company that has developed Jannah seems to be coming up further with more WordPress wonders.

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Jannah is not only a WordPress theme, it’s the complete package of almost everything a website can offer. The integration with Snap Chat, Instagram, TikTok, and other Social Media enables the website with the visitors of the Z generation literally engaged with it. You can embed mp3 files as well. One can run the business as it comes with Woocommerce as well.

The consumers of Jannah Theme seem completely satisfied with the theme. Though the original theme variant was meant for magazine-styled websites, the other variants are also developed. Jannah is now fit for various types of niches; for example – tech, videos, science, holiday, crypto, gaming, design, photography, food and recipes, sports, travel, auto, pets, school, health, journalism, portfolio, local, fitness and of course the RTL version.

The Social shares, pagination of widgets, integration of weather data, and awesome fonts are user-friendly. The most important feature that users take into account while weighing the utility of any theme is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capability. Jannah comes at forefront of SEO as well.

My personal favorites are inline-related posts and popping-related posts from the side of the screen.

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And as mentioned earlier, Tielabs have been developing the themes which are sister variants of Jannah. They have been moving with time. The COVID19 data live updates are another addition through widgets. The recent version has increased performance and speed scores. The theme has become more device responsive and UI has been optimized for all devices. The Journalistic value has always been kept from the nuances of the Egyptian hearts of the developers. If the article is written by two, the co-authorship is well- and graphically displayed in the article.

With such capabilities, I begin to think that the developers have been outpacing the development of UI in the world wide web, more in these decades than ever.

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