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Are you looking for a clean-looking, professional, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly blogger template? Then, you might be more than interested when you learn about Material UI Blogger Theme.

Material UI Blogger Theme is a 3-column, clean, and swift Blogger template that steals your attention as you come across this one while hunting for the best Blogger template.

material ui blogger theme template

The theme is easy to manage with a user-friendly layout in the Blogger dashboard. This theme is best suitable for tech-related websites and blogs. Let us discuss the awesome features of Material UI Blogger Template.

Page Loading Speed

Material UI is one of the fastest-loading Blogger templates available in the market. To get the full advantage of the page loading speed, you need to buy the paid version of the theme.

Device Responsiveness

Every device loads the pages/posts on the Blogger-based website powered by Material UI blogger template pretty responsively. Nothing is cut-off. The device responsiveness is far better than many WordPress themes. Search engines like Google prioritize mobile-friendly home pages and web pages to crawl, index, and prioritize the web pages in the SERPs. Hence, Material UI Blogger theme is a win-win in case of SEO as well.

SEO Optimization

Material UI Blogger Template is crafted with SEO in the cognition of talented developers. We, as tech bloggers have been in communication with them. They recognize our efforts in valuing the recent good trends in the tech sector. However, their talents should be paid off. You will be surprised to see your pages ranking on the SERPs ahead of websites built on so-called heavy-duty CMSs.

On the SEO side, Material UI has space for meta tags and schemas. With schemas, one gets structured results in the SERPs. For example, the implementation of a product schema will present the page/post in the search result differently than the post/page with an article schema. The design of Material UI itself is mobile device friendly. We have established earlier that these factors play a significant role in SEO.

User Friendliness

The back-end (Blogger Dashboard Layout) of Material UI Blogger template is super user-friendly. You may not need advanced knowledge o HTML, CSS, or JS in implementing the theme in your theme.

Not only the backend side, the home page, page areas, posts areas, and widgets areas are super clean and provide an awesome experience to the audience.

Left-side Menu Panel

This 3-column Blogger Theme comes with left-side menu panel. This panel has remained super impressive in the UI of the blogging world. The domination of horizontal menu bars are challenged by these designs.

Author Profile

If your Blogger-based website is managed by one author, this author profile segment comes handy. Material UI theme’s purpose is to make maximum use of small sized graphics for pleasant user experience. If one clicks on the user icon located on the top right, the author profile of the blog can be displayed impressively.

Awesome Footer

The footer of Material UI Blogger theme is rich in the space. This is super nice for information hungry users who visit your website. In UI, importance of footer links are valued. Developers of Material UI seriously acknowledge this.

Dark Mode

Though this feature is not being used by serious consumers of blogs and websites, this can add to richness of UI offered by Material UI Blogger theme.

Hero Segment

The hero segment located at the middle of the UI screen of homepage adds to the professionalism, and decency value of the websites powered by Material UI Blogger theme. The hero segment consists of 1 larger static and 2 smaller dynamic cards with richness of action button.

Message Bar

The message bar located on top of the top horizontal menu adds to the user experience. This kind of communicative style means that such message is of high importance.


The latest version of Material UI Blogger Template is rich with shortcodes 2.0. The use of shortcodes 2.0 does not need extensive knowledge of HTML or CSS. You just need to follow the documentation of Material UI Blogger theme.

The UI features that can be implemented through shortcodes 2.0 are table of content (TOC), drop caps, buttons of various sizes and colours, buttons with icons, communicative download button and buy button, awesome contact form, alert boxes with alert icons, and code box.

Comment Box Pop-up

When one clicks to read, and/or comment on the blog post, the pop up area is opened. This looks super awesome and adds to the user experience with Material UI Blogger Template.

Facebook Comment

You can also implement Facebook comment system in your Blogger-based website powered by Material UI Blogger template. You just need to implement Facebook SDK plugin as directed in the documentation page.

Social Share Icons and Social Media Icons

The social share icons come in the popup window when one wants to share the blog posted in Blogger website powered by Material UI Teheme.

The left navigation panel has social profile icons located on the bottom.

Advertisement Space

The space provisioned for the advertisement is so scientific that the blog seemingly respects the advertisement and the advertisement respects the blog. The advertisements can also be kept in the posts.

Email Subscription Box

The email subscription box located on the right column is just awesome. It urges the users to drop in their email address to your website expecting to get valuable content in their inboxes.

And hey, this is not the subscription box for age-old RSS feed mailer. It is modern content mailer and works automatically.

Sticky Sidebar

You can make one of the right sided sidebars remain sticky when scrolling the page/post down. This feature is handy when you want to highlight certain component in the sidebar and wish the audience get intrigued with it.

Lazy Scrolls

The lazy scrolls are beautiful navigation of in-page anchor links. These happen especially when you click ‘go to top’ icon mostly located on bottom right corner of the page.

There are many other User Interface features in Material UI Blogger theme. For example – pinned post segment, featured comments sidebar, freedom of list payout versus grid layout of recent posts, user-friendly and SEO friendly meta and breadcrumbs, author profile below the post and suggested posts.

Integrity of the Developers

The developers of Material UI Blogger Template have been consistently working on the Blogger Template sector for a long. They have been getting enormously talented coders.

Currently, the Blogger Platform necessitates the work in HTML5, CSS5 and JS. They seem even ahead of Google’s plan for Blogger. In case of Material UI Blogger Template, they have revised the theme, improving minor flaws and the user experience.

Can I Download the Free Version or Buy the Theme?

Material UI Blogger Theme is available in both free version and in paid version. You will not be able to get full fledged advantage of paid version in the free version. The limitations of free version are in SEO capabilities, updates of newer versions, and other services provided by the company.

Disclaimer: We get little commission if you buy the paid version of Material UI Blogger Theme (by PikiTemplates) through the official link taking you to the GumRoad platform.

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