Median UI v1.5 Blogger Template

Median UI is the most popular Blogger Template of the world’s Bloggers who have been keeping themselves committed with the blogger templete.

Median UI Blogger Template is designed by Jago Desain of Indonesia. You can not find the template for free. However, if you manage to buy the template, you will begin to enjoy the wonders of the Blogger platfrom through the painstakingly designed template.

Jago Desain have been developing the Blogger themes with SEO and user expereince (UI/UX) in mind. The developer Maki M. claims that Median UI has same SEO capabilities as that of other Blogger templates like Fletro Pro and ImagZ Blogger template.

Features of Median UI v1.5 Blogger Template

The 3-column Blogger template is clean designed, device responsive and SEO friendly. In fact, the ranking of blogs with Median UI Blogger Theme have been close to 1. The vertical menu on the left sidebar that can be toggled on and off is the most amazing feature of Median UI Blogger template.

Latest version of Median UI Blogger theme comes with popup notification box on the top. The homepage consists of slider for featured posts. There is ample space for advertisement. The SVG icons reduce the need to use larger images. The theme has both dark mode and light mode skins. The featured image is generally of ratio 16:9, which also allows floating icons for featured posts, sponsored posts and product posts.

You can split the post in tabbed reading mode.

The load more button reduces the need to navigate to other pages while the posts load on the same existing page.

The theme comes with super-awesome contact form and notification box. One can enable facebook comment as well. The author card the follows the post section looks very professional approach of personal branding.

The contemporary features of themes from Jago Desain are images gallery with different layouts, manual related posts, semiautomatic table of contents etc. The average coloured buttons and special download link buttons have been the most powerful user interfaces for the mostly black and white Blogger template.

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