Types of Blogs

I do write blogs despite having obligations on formal and personal fronts in my life. In fact, I entered the blogging world after making thousands of posts on online bulletin boards. They were convenient to post. Blogging needs a little more effort. Yet, my posts are counting. You may wonder- how have I made it possible?

Well, I do not cross my limits. I do not blog just for posting. I keep myself within a set of categories in which I fit. Let’s deep dive into the ‘types of blogs’ that I have identified. You know? My blogs fit in a few of these typologies.

types of blogs

School Projects

Various schools, colleges, and universities conduct school projects and blog-writing has been an integral part of many of those. Especially, students prepare blogs as a part of their ICT classes. They learn to create accounts, post, work with WYSIWYG editors, and/or tools of today. Internet safety, personal data protection, netiquette, cyber ethics, and cyber laws are also discussed as part of the curriculum.

Company Blogs

Various corporates and companies do recruit their communication officers whose one routine task is writing blogs for the company. The blogs of the company are premised on how to- posts, daily work experiences, retreat experiences, and so on.

Personal Blogs

Some people tend to write blogs instead of more traditional paper memoirs. They write when they reflect on their daily lives and their subjective experiences. It can include any subjects, feelings, thoughts, and/or stories that the Blogger may want to tell.

Hobby Blogs

Some people are so passionate about their respective hobbies that they not only follow their interests but also write blogs on them. Hobby blogs include- travel blogs, food blogs, beauty blogs, interior blogs, gardening blogs, activity blogs, fitness blogs, book reviews, and so on.

Career Blogs

Ideally, career blogging means writing blogs for making a living. When you write blogs for webspace that is owned by others, you are better termed as ‘content writers’. Career bloggers are a little different. Their workspace is the webspace, where they pour in their blogs and make the living through those works and space. Career bloggers need to get the earnings from a range of sources like advertisements, referral marketing, donations, merchandise selling, drop shipping, paid posts, sponsorships, etc.

Career bloggers need to drive traffic and enthusiasm of the visitors in order to make a living from blogging that ultimately gets converted into a sustainable business. To drive traffic, career bloggers prefer the following types of blogs.

Event Blogs

Event bloggers follow the recent/upcoming events. They collect rich and authentic data on the topic of interest of contemporary internet consumers. These events include festivals, sports, life events of a certain popular person, etc.

After writing blogs, they share the post on social media, improve the SEO practices, and aim to make the posts (blog posts and social media posts) viral. When the posts are viewed by many, the creator of content gets several business/income opportunities that other bloggers do.

Tech Blogs

Tech blogs come in a different category. Articles can be written by anyone who is a little more ahead in tech stuff than others. While educating others through their blogs, they can make some business through advertisements.

When they begin to drive more traffic, many of them change their careers as well. They do this because they begin to feel that the blogging business would be more lucrative. It is natural that they begin to think in such a way because they begin to get a lot of marketing deals from the tech companies at their disposal.

Biography/Gossip Blogs

Some bloggers wish to drive the traffic of the audience towards their blog by writing concise biographies of the celebrities. Not only the biographies, but they also follow various information sources and take part in gossip about the personal- and professional lives of the celebrities. Such blogs are somehow the web equivalent of tabloids.

Review Blogs

Review blogs are another type of blog where the contributors provide true, complete, and trustworthy reviews about any products, places, services, or anything that potential consumers wish to learn about. While writing the review products, the newly available products, services, or any new place must be experienced at the first hand by the blogger. Then s/he writes the review blog. Such blogs also drive enormous traffic to them when the product, place, and service of the question is of interest to many.

Professional/Niche Blogs

Some professionals who work in their respective professions by day write blogs before going to bed. They may also start the day by writing something they want as blogs. They tend to write mostly around their area of profession. For a balanced approach to life, career, and blogging, they may allow some segments of their weekends for blogging.

I kept the words ‘professional’ and ‘niche’ together because I have a reason for this. My reason is that- only professionally competent people can write the best on certain topics of interest. For example, if a teacher writes an article on education, that is niche blogging. However, if a teacher maintains a blog on hairstyling, that can be a hobby blog.


However, these categories are not rigid. You can make your personal blog a career blog as well. Your hobby blog can also be your career blog. Most personal blogs are half-filled with hobby-related posts. In this sense, we can say that blog categories are fluid in practice.

As a professional Blogger (with some remnants of career blogging :P), I have attempted to identify the types of blogs. You can use this material for educational purposes. Do put a reference (link) to this page if you use any part/or whole of this material.

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