10 Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is not a waste. In fact, it is close to academic writing. You can even combine studies with blogging. Only thing that you need beside ICT infrastructure is a plan to integrate studies and blogging together in your career- and passion pursuits. Blogger.com has been considered as the best blogging platform from which many people have been getting countless benefits. Some other blogging platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Medium and Tumblr.

Let me share you my arguments of suggesting people to spend their online time- writing, and reading blogs. Its better than unfruitful and countless swipes on your screen up and up and up – literally for hours.

If you have good plan and balance, blog writing does not take that time. You can even work according to SEO ideals while you write in the internet.

💻 Benefits of writing blogs

benefits of blogging

Enriching writing skills

As mentioned earlier, writing in the internet consistently improves your writing skills. Blog-writing is almost similar to academic writing.

Supporting academia

Blog writing supports academic pursuit as well. One needs to search for the knowledge, and information. S/he also needs to validate the found information. Plagiarism is never tolerated as good practice in blogging. Then say, isn’t blogging universe similar to academic world?

Expressing thoughts and opinions

The world is changing; and so is the way of doing things. In the past, our ancestors would converse to each other by the fire. Now, we sit in a comfort of solitary. Yet we communicate flawlessly with our own species – the humankind. We have learned to respect the subjectivities. Here, blogs come to support these 21st century ideals. We can express our thoughts and opinions on the areas of our concerns and interests. It can also be combined with audio and visual means by embedding the podcasts or videos on the blog posts.

Branding oneself

Blogging has also become a mean of presenting oneself as a worthy one. It is mostly done by talented people who have entrepreneurial motives. Its perfectly healthy pursuit to do so. If you think that you can showcase your talents and yourself as genuine person, why not try blogging?

Showcasing one’s creativity

One can show creativity like art, craft, poetry, stories, or production of any sort by posting those of any forms as blog posts. I have seen many photography artists, painters and graphic designers using blogs to showcase their creations.

Archiving life stories

Some people are fancy of writing their life experiences as blogs. When we read any blogpost of today after maybe 100 years, its already a precious historical document. Imagine !

Earning money

You can publish the advertisements on certain sections of your blog website. You can also sell the products as an affiliate marketer. You can directly sell your products using your own blogs. Many entrepreneurs have started to make money through blogs.

Becoming a celebrity

Its only numbers of web-traffic away that you may become a celebrity only by writing blogs. I cannot say how many numbers away are you. I however know that your blog posts must catch attention from scores and scores of the population.

Widening the horizons

When you become a regular blogger, I bet you will read a lot. Reading academic books, fictions, newspapers, columns or anything that catches your interest, and/or passion will help you enriching your perspectives about the phenomena and the world.


Readers will know you. Some will contact you. You might contact some another blogger. Or you might be contacted by some entity for business deals. You will surely indulge in networking. Be prepared to utilize this intangible, yet powerful resource.

Apart from the benefits, blogging as a full timer can have disadvantages too.

One might become frustrated if not enough traffic (web visitors) are coming to your website. You might be confronted by some entity, get threatened on some issues as well. If your blogging is not successful in paying you to live your life, you can feel insecure, or at the worst, devalued with your own life-perspectives.


The positive aspects of writing blogs can work for many and might not work for even more. It is science, and it is also algorithms that have been driving the web-traffic of the 2020s. Should you think that you will never lose if you try and never regret, go for it! Who knows, what unfolds next to you?

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