9 Tips To Choose A Domain Name for greatest Search Engine Ranking

Domain name is most import for every websites, because everyone easy to reach the website by name only. Also search engines most preferred the domain name as keywords, so when we start the website carefully to choose domain name for best website traffic. Following most important points helps you to choose the greatest domain name for SEO ranking.

Top level domain (TDL)

Choose top level domain names, it means extension of the domain name should be .com or .net or .org. Search engines mostly prefer TDL’s domain.

Make it unique

Domain name should be unique; this will be helps best traffic for your domain, because search engine robot’s always find new words. So if your domain name is unique you can get better SEO ranking

Avoid misspelling

Domain name should be proper spelling words. If you choose proper words you will get better SEO ranking.

Easy to memory

More than millions of website is available in online for the same business or other activities. So your domain should be easy to memory also make it easy to type. This will be help for users easy to visit your website often.

Make it short

Domain name should not be too long. This will be struggle to type the users also it is not easy to memory. So your domain name should be very short.

Avoid hyphen

For better SEO ranking avoid hyphen. Example: if you would like to buy www.xyz-domain.com  you must choose without hyphen, if not available in domain name as you wish go for another related name without hyphen.

Avoid Numbers

For better SEO ranking avoid numbers. Example:  if you would like to buy www.1xyz.com  you must choose without number like onexyz.com, if not available in domain name as you wish than go for another related name without number.

Make sure Copyright issues

Domain name copyright is very serious issues. Don’t violent any other business or brand name. Otherwise you will lose huge money with your domain also. So make sure before buy domain name it should not affect any other business or brand.

Protect your brand

If you would like protect your brand name, you may get another extension also. It means if you plan to buy .com domain, you may buy the .net and .org extension in the same name.  This will help for improve your traffic also someone can’t violent in your brand name.

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