Adding Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge

It seems like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have married rather unwillingly. And this forced marriage benefits both- my opinion!

I had never been a user of Microsoft’s Internet Explorers since I had been fascinated with rather promising web browsers namely- Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

However, Microsoft has always remained a major actor in the ICT world with its empire in Operating systems, and document processing. 

The company has expanded its MS Office products to integrate with its own created virtual workspaces. Not only the professional workspaces, but Microsoft has also become a leader in working with educational institutions throughout the world. This happened more aggressively during the COVID19 pandemic.

Google, on the other hand, has been aspiring to follow the path of Microsoft in becoming another empire in work-, and academic spaces. Recently, they have brought all of their web services under one brand- Google Workspace.

Last time, I was more interested in installing Windows 11 on my device. This brought yet another updated version of Microsoft Edge. One of my friends suggested that this is actually Chromium- a Google Chrome-like browser. I used to call Chromium a miniature of Google Chrome. 

If Edge is Chromium with the new name, would it accept Chrome Extensions? I asked. My friend replied- Yes! 

Rest is now history. I have kept Grammarly, Ubersuggest, SEO Minion, and other extensions in my Edge browser now. I have begun to like Microsoft Edge and a kind of bond has already been formed. Feel sorry for Mozilla Firefox though! Earlier, I had ditched Chrome because of Firefox’s proven ‘speed’ and ‘diligence’.

Okay, Microsoft Edge would be getting more customers like me. In what ways would Google Chrome benefit? I personally believe that this makes them continue to work hard like Microsoft. Eventually, we consumers may get the juices of their hard work.

PS: This blog has been written on Google’s Blogger Platform on Mircosoft’s MS Edge, using Grammarly Extension installed from Google’s Chrome Web Store. I have it will help you to understand chrome web store extensions.

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