Best Domain Name Suggestions 2024

Choosing a great domain name is crucial for building a successful online presence.

When picking a domain name, take these tips in mind:

Keep it Short and Simple: A shorter domain is easier to remember and enter.
Avoid numbers and hyphens: They can be confusing and difficult to recall.
Consider keywords: Incorporating relevant keywords can boost SEO.
Consider the Future: Choose a name that will remain relevant as your company expands.

This is the story of Techbrust. Guru at Techbrust tried to get a domain name for the current project. However, he discovered that the generic names are premium and highly priced, if available.

Guru wondered- why many of them are available? Later he found the answer himself- those who can pay to buy such domain might not have vision how to run a website in a profitable business framework.

With experience and research on domain names and recent trends, Guru comes with suggestions on the best domain names.

Guide on Selecting Best Domain Names for Your Project – 2024

Since Guru is a blogger at Techbrust, he aims this article mostly for bloggers. However, the guide is still relevant to other entities that are going to use website as one of the products.


First, you must be clear on your ‘niche‘. I might have told you in one or couple of my articles that you can also have multiple niches in a single project. If those niches are related, it would be in-tandem. The algorithms of the present day search engines will understand the link between your niches and increase your domain authority.

Let’s say that you have determined ‘niche(s)‘, your domain name must be representative of your ‘niche(s)‘. If your name is Maddison, and you are a passionate hiker; your domain name can be hikermaddison– no problem! However, it can not be hikerGeorge. Getting a domain name with generic word(s) is somehow difficult these days. If available, they are more expensive.


I would suggest you that hype of .com days are gone. You can try .net, .info, .site or anything that sounds formal if you are planning a business. Actually search engines do not discriminate TLDs (Top-Level Domains), nor even ccTLDs (country code Top-level Domains).

Human beings of the Techie Generation have already begun to acknowledge the cool TLDs. In fact, they have started to be fancy with some TLDs like .xyz. Other emerging TLDs/ccTLDs of this decade are .top, .pro, .me, .in, .io, .tech, .academy etc.

Nepalese individuals and institutions can get free ccTLDs in Nepal. Even foreign entities working in Nepal can get free .np ccTLDs. We will write a separate blog on this.


You can also get some subdomains for free. However, I would like you to go for domains where you can have full fledged control. Sometimes, the domain authorities can remove your sub-domain under their own jurisdiction.

Number of letters/words

A domain name can have up to 63 characters. The domain registrars do not care the combination of characters – these can be any letters, numbers or symbols.

However, you might want your domain name be remembered by many. You may also want your domain name appealing to the audience.

I would like to suggest you to get words in domain names. Numbers or any symbols are not ideal in domain names even if it has multiple words.

Domain like thisisharry is perfectly okay than this-is-harry. Saying so, some numbers have been found providing value to the domain names. For example- Samantha, a proprietor at Yoga 365 (with a registered- and functioning business in Seattle) could prefer a website with a domain name – yoga365seattle.

If you are combining words due to your inability to find one-, or two words domains, please do not cross the limit of 3 words combination.

Be creative in words

Even if you do not find domain name with combination of 2 generic words, there can be some creative way to deal with it. Use of suffixes- and prefixes like pro, wiki, world, pedia, web, mag, zine, verse, meta, guru, site, space, net, guide, help, mantra, tech help to provide to your thirst of a perfect domain name.

At the same time, such name-combination increase the domain authority. Do comment below if you have some more suggestions.

Use native words/prefixes/suffixes

You can target the followers in a certain geography who share common linguistic roots. For example – Blogs/websites targeting audience in the Indian subcontinent can use the word desi in the domain name. In Nepal, suffixes like -pati and -mandu have been getting enormous popularity.

Brand yourself!

You can even use your own name if you are a blogger, and you want to brand you and your name in the particular ‘niche‘. No problem, some people will already begin to follow you as long as you work hard in quality, authority, frequency and validity of your contents. Not to mention that, you must catch interests from the ‘market‘.

Magic of the letter ‘Y’

In domain world, letter ‘Y’ offers magical outcomes. If you add the letter ‘y’ in words of your choice in close-to-sensible manner, your authority is already high with your appealing domain name.

More recently, suffixes like -ify have been found to be more appealing to the audience. Let us assume that somebody provides tips and tutorials on MS-Word, and wants to make a business with website. S/he can have an appealing domain name – mswordify.


I hope that you learned (to some extent)- how to choose the best domain name for your project. I also expect that you will comment below with your experience in selecting the best domain name for yourself and/or your website/blog.

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