Download Materia X2 Blogger Template v2.7 | Best Blogger Template of 2022

Do you want to download the best blogger template for your blogger website? You might be surprised to learn about Materia X2 v2.9 Blogger theme. In this article, we will suggest you to download Materia X2 blogger template v2.9.

About Materia X2 Blogger Template | Cleanest and Richest Blogger Template of 2022

Popularly known as Materia X2, this Blogger template has revolutionized the Blogger world. I witnessed this theme in 2021 when emerging bloggers would choose Blogger only as a temporary platform in their blogging pursuits.

With Materia X2, bloggers have been keeping themselves satisfied and fulfilled being in the Blogger platform. This Blogger theme has helped in alleviating the myths on Blogger platform.

So, what is so special with Materia X2 Blogger Template?

Not only one aspect, Materia X2 Blogger theme made the bloggers rethink on how Blogger platform can be utilised in blogging world in terms of design, functions and SEO (search engine optimization).

download materia x2 blogger theme

I have listed the amazing features of Materia X2 v.2.9 Blogger Template as I experienced in its demo page.

  • Google Translate integration
  • 3-column
  • device responsiveness
  • clean and elegant
  • toggle on/off side menu
  • integration of blog search with Google Adsense
  • specialized Matericons (developed in GitHub) – open source (can be used by other projects as well)
  • high page load speed
  • rich social sharing
  • sticky sidebar
  • toggle dark-mode
  • rich alert boxes
  • buttons with ripple effects
  • buttons with icons
  • 4 varieties of tables
  • accordion panel for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • automated Table of Contents
  • comments with image, code, link and quote
  • snackbar – with message notification
  • admin badge to profile picture of admin/author
  • clean and elegant ‘suggested posts’ widget- list or grid
  • progress reading bar
  • lazyload Adsense
  • friendly with non-HTML kind of users
  • customs widgets
  • freedom in pagination – next / previous, infinite scroll, load more, or numbered pages.
  • syntax highlighter
  • Blogger / Disqus comment systems
  • Choice of colours

The floating buttons including the call to action (CTA) buttons are new attractions of Materia X2 Blogger Template v2.9.

Download Materia X2 Blogger Template

I am hereby going to suggest you to go for it if you are convinced to keep continuing the Blogger blog. Please visit the creators of Materia X2 – El Creative Academy for purchasing the theme and they will provide you with the XML files, documentations and further codes.

Remember, El Creative Academy are the same developers of another Medium-like Blogger Theme: Webium. And it’s available FREE to download!

Demo of Materia X2 Blogger Template | Download Materia X2 Blogger Theme

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