How to Apply for a National ID in Nepal? | Pre-Enrollment and Registration

Do you have a national ID of Nepal? Or, are you looking to apply for a national ID in Nepal. Perhaps, you don’t even know about the national ID. Then, this article is for you. We will guide you on how to apply for the national ID in Nepal. Read this article and know more about the national ID and step-wise guide to applying for and making a national ID in Nepal.

What is a National ID?

‘Rashtriya Parichayapartra’ also known as a national ID is an identity document for Nepalese citizens. The federal-level national ID card may replace the current citizenship card and voter ID. It is an advanced form of identity documents that uses technology to track the records of the citizens, voters, and residents of the country.

A National ID card is a unique identification document for the citizens of a country. The government has made it mandatory to register the national ID. National ID cards are also compulsory documents for applying for an e-passport. Every Nepali should know how to make a national ID card. It is even called the smart identity card, as the latest biometric technology and chip technology are used in the national identity card.

Why is a National ID card required?

A national ID card is required for various officials and government purposes. The national ID card is the means of keeping the track of the citizens of the country. To get civil services and civil registration, a national ID card is one of the most needed documents.

Every citizen should make the national ID card, as it is said to be replacing the other official identity cards except for driving licenses in the near future. The digitalized identity document is also a social security card for the citizens. It helps to trace the criminals and minimize their criminal activities. National ID is a key step in the digitalization of a country.

Who issues the National ID in Nepal?

The idea of a National ID in Nepal was introduced in 2009 AD. However, it nearly took a decade to come into action, and the National ID in Nepal was first printed in 2018 AD. In the initial phase, the workers of Singha Durbar and the citizens of Panchthar districts in Nepal were targeted.

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The national identity registration is undertaken by the Department of National ID and Civil Registration under the Nepal Government. The Department of National ID and Civil Registration was established in 2075-06-28 BS.

Benefits and Significance of National ID card (Rastriya Parichaya Patra)

The digital and smart identity document will have access to many public services that are provided by the state and federal governments. People require different kinds of documents in different offices and different services, which makes it very difficult for official work and government work becomes even more tedious. To overcome the problems and efficiently provide the service to the public and citizens, a national id card will be easy and fast.

The smart digital identity can be linked with all public offices, government documents, personal details, and transactions works. These will help not only decrease the workload and pressure on the employers but also saves time for the public.

The following are some other benefits of the national ID card.

  • Easy to track the details of the citizens of the country.
  • Fast and Reliable works and services.
  • Helps to empower the technology sector in the nation.
  • Helps to form a digital government, which also includes transparency and no corruption.

Documents Required to apply for a National ID card

There are some eligibility and document requirements for applying the national ID. We have listed some of the points to be noted before applying for the national ID.

  • One must be 16 years old completed or older.
  • Must have a Nepali citizenship Card (up to date).
  • In the case of married, a marriage certificate is also required.
  • If you are permanently migrated, then a migration certificate is also required.

What will National ID Card feature?

The smart ID will feature biometric information about the citizen. Here are lists of information that the national Id will feature about you.

  • A unique identification number, which is unique for every citizen. The identification number is used to track the person and gain required information about them.
  • Your personal information and details including your photograph.
  • Biometric Information including fingerprints and signatures.
  • A digital chip is provided in the national id. The microchip is used for the digital tracking of personal and biometric as well as demographic information about a person.

How to apply for a National ID in Nepal?

It is easy to apply for a National ID in Nepal. Follow all the step-wise guides and apply.

  • First of all, prepare all the required documents as mentioned earlier.
  • Then, you have to pre-enrollment by visiting the department of national ID and civil registration portal. Click here to redirect to the portal.
  • You can see the information notice about the national id card on the homepage of the portal. Read the notice carefully.
  • Click the national ID card online application. You can reach the page by clicking here.
  • You can see NID pre-enrollment system, where you are provided two login options. They are login from individuals and login from service providers.
  • Click on Login from individuals. The other options are for the service providers only.
  • Enter your official mobile number and process further as per the instructions provided on the screen.
  • Click on New Enrollment. This is for those, who are enrolling for the first time.
  • You will get an application form on the screen. Fill the form properly with the correct details. Select the appointment as per your favor. Review and submit the application form.
  • The form will be reviewed by the department of national ID and civil registration.

Where can we apply for a National ID?

People from any district can apply for the national ID in Kathmandu. After, the online pre-enrollment, you will be need to visit the department of national ID as per your appointment preference and register the national ID card.

Click here to locate you to the department of national ID and civil registration. The national ID is free of charge unless and until you apply for replacement due to loss or damage. You can receive the national id card from your district within a few months of application. For more information, you can visit the official site here.

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