How to Fix iPhone 7 WiFi HotSpot Problem

Hi there, you might have come to visit this page to learn how to fix iPHone 7 WiFi hotpsot problem. I am going to share my experiences, and not say that these steps work for all.

Let us put some perspectives into the context. I had not been facing any problem while I had been using my new iPhone 7 in the first couple of years. I started to notice that the battery capacity of my phone started to degrade.


The problem then extended to the functionality of WiFi hotspot of my iPhone 7. At some instances, I used to share the mobile data from iPhone 7 to my PC using the WiFi hotspot. One day, I experienced the first problem. My PC did not discover the WiFi hotspot from my iPhone 7.

Please read below how I tried to solve the pressing problem with iPhone 7 hotspot connectivity.

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iPhone 7’s mobile hotspot sharing problem

Initially, iPhone 7 WiFi hotspot was not being detected by my PC even if I had turned on the mobile data, wifi and toggled on hotspot sharing. I discovered some temporary solution for this problem.

The frantic solutions involved the following steps.

How to solve iPhone 7’s mobile hotspot not being detected by PC

  1. Turn off the PC wifi.
  2. Toggle off the iPhone 7’s mobile hotpsot.
  3. Turn off the ‘wifi’ of iPhone 7.
  4. Turn off the ‘mobile data usage’ in iPhone 7.
  5. Wait for a minute or so.
  6. Turn on the ‘mobile data use’ in iPhone 7.
  7. Turn on the ‘wifi’ of iPhone 7.
  8. Toggle on the iPhone 7’s mobile hotpsot.
  9. Turn on the PC wifi.
  10. When you see the hotspot, connect with the password.
  11. It works!

At next level of wearing off, the iPhone 7 completely stopped sending data through WiFi hotspot. My PC’s WiFi connection displayed ‘no internet’ even when it was connected to the mobile hotspot shared through iPhone 7.

I then switched to using bluetooth of the same device to keep on sharing the mobile data from same old iPhone 7 with my PC. What I did was the following steps.

How to share iPhone 7’s mobile data using bluetooth

  1. Toggle on the bluetooth of iPHone 7 and that of your PC.
  2. Pair the devices.
  3. Turn off the WiFi of your iPhone.
  4. Connect the iPhone 7’s bluetooth with your PC’s bluetooth.
  5. Go to your iPhone settings > Personal Hotspot. Toggle onAllow Others to Join‘. 
  6. Select ‘Bluetooth and USB only‘.
  7. On your PC (using Windows), go to Control Panel >> Devices and Printers.
  8. You will see your iPhone listed as one of the devices.
  9. Right click the icon representing your iPhone 7.
  10. From the popup menu, select connect using >>  access point.
  11. Hurray, you have now connected your PC to use mobile data from iPhone using bluetooth.


Should you have any questions or experiences with this. Please write on the comment section below. One thing I concluded on this is, it should definitely be the battery which is the root problems of all these fuss.

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