Income of Nepali Bloggers [2022 update]

As a known blogger in my circle, friends and acquaintances often ask me about the income of Nepali bloggers in General, and my income in specific- “How much do you earn doing all these?

Answering to them is not straightforward. I mostly reply them- “Well, the source and amount of money that Nepalese bloggers get depend on many things”.

“So, what are those ‘many things‘?”- they often continue with the second question. As an immersed person in Blogging, and having struggled to earn with it, I try to explain them those ‘many things’.

Interest of Nepali people to understand the livelihood and earning side of Nepali bloggers have raised. Many Nepali people equate the word ‘bloggers’ and ‘vloggers’ as same category of people.

They have seen many youtubers who have been making good income by posting videos on YouTube. Not to forget the impact of social media influencers using TikTok and Instagram.

However, the story is different. Bloggers who keep their focus on writing have been threatened by recently emerging trend of short videos and videos for marketing. These posts are facilitated by algorithms to literally keep the smartphone (the dominant devices in internet traffic) consumers hooked onto the screens. The orientation of large sum of people towards videos than texts is sad situation for committed bloggers.

I try to explain all these aspects to a layperson who asks me about income of Nepali Bloggers. Not getting into the detailed technical terminologies, they seem to be more interested in stopping the topic.

income of nepali bloggers

As an enthusiastic person who is reading this blog, you might be interested to read my insights and experiences in Nepali blogging universe. So, let’s dive deconstructing the Nepali blogosphere and come to answer the question- How much does a Nepali blogger earn?

To be specific, Nepali bloggers earn in following ways:
1. Writing for others and getting paid instantly
2. Writing for own blog and implementing Google Adsense
3. Becoming Affiliates of Amazon, Daraz, Webhost Companies, Domain Registrars etc.

Income of Nepali Bloggers in 2022 | Team Blogs

When it comes to blogging, it does not necessarily require a team. However, when a blog has a team, aspects of consistency, flow, multitude of ideas, are visible. It is obvious that a team prepares plan and strategies to implement and expect the outcome.

When it comes to teamwork on the blogs (practitioners on management, graphics, backend, front end, creatives, marketing etc.), its obvious that the outcome is profit- way too monetary, right?

In Nepal, I have witnessed many team blogs. Most of the team blogs are on the ‘tech’ niche. Perhaps this particular niche drives traffic from various parts of the globe. The CPC is also too high. You have enormous opportunities to extend the businesses- reselling, affiliate marketing, paid advertisements, sponsored blogs and so on. You may also get multitudes of perks from the tech world! That’s why many teams would have been formed in Nepal to do ‘this business’.

I hereby establish my stance in using the terms- team-blogging and team blog. I feel like team-blogging needs everybody in the team to actually write blogs. However, team blog would mean a blog-website conducted by a team with specific roles held together contributing towards the product. Later one is what I have been observing evident in Nepal.

When planned well on the factors of blog’s success, team blogs and team-blogging can give decent income to each members in the team. In the beginning, they might start with about 150 USD in the first month.

The income gradually increases for sure if they continue to develop their work. It is possible if they consider a profitable niche and do SEO.

I can say that Nepalese bloggers can make 5-figure income (Yes, about 1 lakh Nepalese Rupees!) through team-blogging and team blogs. The income may go up to 6-figure (I mean it- 10s of lakhs!) if the team extends the business domains through blogging.

Income of Nepali Bloggers in 2022 | Individual Bloggers

An individual has more freedom in blogging. S/he can decide what, when and how to do things. They can make their own plan and strategy and can decide promptly when needed.

They can even brand themselves or their sole-proprietorships through blogging and extend the scope their business.

An Individual can have limitations of time, energy and enthusiasm in individual blogging. With non-converting efforts, an individual may give up individual blogging. Sometimes, s/he might be needing support and guidance which would be omnipotent in team-blogging.

However, individual bloggers can learn in their own pace and comfort on how to execute a successful blog through market research and SEO practices.

They can also have freedom of being a digital nomad. They can enjoy travelling around the world and keep on blogging. In team-blogging, travelling and working might not be that practical to put together.

In Nepal, individual bloggers have not been seen so successful like team blogs in the ‘tech’ niche. However, I have seem some individual bloggers writing mostly on travel and Nepal herself (in Nepal, country is feminine) as a niche. There are also individual bloggers (mostly students) who write for others. Doing this, they get payments per post. In such case, they might get around NRs 200-500 per post.

Acquaintances of mine who employ student bloggers have been complaining that it has been rather expectation versus reality situation to have students as content writers.

However, I am talking about one-man-army (gender preference is not my priority) in blogging. It’s more painstaking than group blogs.

However, the income of individual blogger (boosted by SEO) in Nepal can easily level up to that of team blogs. Yes, 5 to 6 figure in Nepali Rupees!

In terms of quality content, validity and authority, team blogs have more opportunity in enriching these traits.

But, not all blogs succeed!

However, the sad thing is- blogs fail! In fact, many projects fail. Hence, blogging is not always good in terms of satisfying your livelihoods. In team blogs, it will become more evil as the failures shatter the dreams and expectations of many.

So, you might wonder- what fails blogs? In my opinion, the failures of blogs are sooner or later hinted by by lack of market’s interest, increased competition on the niche, lack of SEO outcomes, and non-availability of further opportunities.

As I mentioned earlier, TikTok and Youtube have really become something that have been stealing the potential traffic of bloggers, not only Nepali bloggers. Other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. have been taken positively by the blogging world. But this TikTok, uff- If you agree, do comment below!

Well, in this blog, we are talking more on successful incomes of Nepali bloggers, not failures ! Good Luck Nepali bloggers for successful incomes (and personally suggesting- quality products).

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