[Internet History] Internet Explorer to be Discontinued in 2022

For 27 years, internet explorer has been a staple of internet users worldwide. But, that’s all going to change on June 15th, 2022 when Microsoft will be discontinuing their long-held browser and leaving it behind for Google Chrome to dominate. The original computer program was launched on August 16th, 1995 under Windows 95 and has since become one of Microsoft’s most iconic products.

Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 by Microsoft. After a journey of 27-years, Microsoft has officially announced to close internet explorer from June 15, 2022. This announcement has come as a shock to the world because Internet Explorer was the best browser and the oldest browser in the history of internet. This development comes after Google Chrome’s worldwide market share surpassed Internet Explorer in 2016. Over 100 million users still rely on this browser daily despite its successor, Edge, being available since 2012.

What Happens Next?

Internet explorer will still work with all those old apps and websites. But, if you want to enjoy next-generation internet browsing experience, you have to opt for a new browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Apart from these two browsers, there are some other great options available such as Vivaldi, Opera Mini & Maxthon which can provide a better browsing experience than IE .As time is passing Microsoft wants their users to move away from Internet Explorer towards more secure & faster web browsers.

However, it’s better for Microsoft that they take their decision now instead of waiting for its relevance and efficiency to become obsolete. Moreover, Microsoft has announced that with every major Windows release, there will be a new browser added which is known as Spartan. Moreover, only 10% of people use internet explorer.

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