Six Smart Ways to Make Money Online in Nepal

How to make money online in nepal?

some of the top Six methods to generate passive income via online in Nepal


This may be something you’re already doing or something you’ve pondered doing. Starting a YouTube channel can help you make some nice money if you think you can generate good material and be consistent.

One of the minimum qualifying requirements for monetizing your material is to have over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of view time on your YouTube channel over the course of a year.

You may make money from the views you get as well as the adverts placed on your videos after you’ve joined the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which is required for monetization.

Best advantages of the YouTube channel are that you can even earn money from both new and old videos at the same time. You may also make money through affiliate marketing by advertising affiliate organisations’ items on your YouTube channel. Since it doesn’t require any financial start up you can have enough time to do research about what content you want to run the YouTube channel.

To have a start-up just choose a channel name and start posting high quality videos. Make a target audience either they are from the same nation or targeting to get the views from international.

Start Blogging

Have you ever thought how to make money blogging? Blogging is a great way to make money online in Nepal by sharing your knowledge on the Internet. More than a million people are earning money via blogging, which can turn into your profit if you start now.

Blogging is one of the most important methods to make money over the web. Blog can bring a lot of money if we are professional blogger. Mostly all popular blogs are running for commercial purpose or for any company and make money by advertising in their blog. If you want to earn big amount, then you need have a big blog with large number of readers and subscribers. Blogging success depends on quality, quantity, and popularity of your blog.

To begin blogging, you must first choose a topic that interests you. After that, you’ll need to get a domain and hosting, as well as set up a blog using WordPress or another content management system. You may also establish a free blog on and start publishing your material there.

If you want to increase visitors to your blog, you should optimise your content for search engines. You may work on both on-page and off-page SEO at the same time.

Connect your blog to Google AdSense or one of its alternatives to begin earning money. Blogging is a passive way to make money online since once you post a blog, it will begin earning money for you through its ads.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promotion of third parties’ products which generates commission. Affiliate marketing is a kind of passive income in Nepal that involves promoting products and collecting commissions.

Affiliate marketing may also be done on mobile devices. All you need is a product promotion platform and a firm that offers affiliate services.

The firm will pay you a commission if someone purchases a product through your link. Affiliate marketing allows people in Nepal to make an endless amount of money.

Affiliate programmes are available in Nepal from firms such as,, and Also, if you have someone residing outside of the country like Australia, Canada, UK, and they help you withdraw the payments via their bank accounts. Then certainly,, can be best alternative for generating incomes through affiliation. If you have a substantial quantity of traffic or a fan following, you may market the products on your blog, YouTube channel, or social media site.

Stock Market

If you are willing to make money from money, the stock market might be a terrific source of passive income. There are two possible methods to invest in the stock market: short-term and long-term.

Short-term investing, often known as trading, consists of purchasing a stock with a high potential for price appreciation, holding the stock for a short period of time, and then selling and recording the profit. Trading needs a thorough understanding of technical analysis.

Long-term investments may reward you and multiply your nett worth in unforeseen ways through capital gains and income gains. If the firm makes a profit, the stock price may rise, and the corporation may issue Right Shares and Dividends. To accomplish this properly, you must perform a fundamental analysis of the stock.

Sell stock photos and graphics online

Congratulations if you can create high-quality graphics and snap outstanding images. If you the one who have passion of photography, then you can certainly change your passion into earnings.

Many online stock images selling companies, such as Shutterstock, allow you to post your graphics or images and earn money if someone purchases them.

To sell the picture via Shutterstock, you must first create an account. After registering, you can post a maximum of 7 photographs; however, after any of your images has been approved, you can add an infinite number of images. If someone buys your photographs from Shutterstock once Shutterstock authorises them for sale on their websites, you will be rewarded.

Create and sell online courses

Do you have something to teach the world? Maybe you know a lot about something. Or find that you know a lot about multiple things. Or maybe you are just okay at a few random topics.

Though you have a great idea, but don’t know how to convert it into an online course. Everyone wants to start an online business, most of them pursue videos and training, because it’s easy. But the fact is that it’s hard! It does not only require a lot of content, but also hours and hours of work to create them.

If you come up with this idea but money is your problem, then WordPress can be best alternative for you. WordPress gives you two options to choose from when selecting a theme: free or premium. Free themes are readily available, but it’s important that you understand the drawbacks of using them before making your decision.

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