3 Easy Steps to Repair Broken Blogger Theme

When you change the blogger themes, it’s very likely that the components of the new theme are broken. The reason for this is the leftovers from the previous theme. In this blog, I will guide you to repair the broken blogger theme in 3 simple stages.

repair broken blogger theme

As I said earlier, the culprits of the broken theme are the components or widgets from the previous theme that sneak into the new theme. In this case, you need to backup the XML file of the theme, install the blank theme and then restore the theme.

Repairing the broken Blogger theme:
1. Backup the theme (save as the XML file)
2. Install the blank theme
3. Restore the theme (upload the XML file)

Stage 1: Backup the Blogger Theme

In your Blogger dashboard, click in the following order- Themes > Triangular Icon beside ‘Customize Button’ located in the center of the screen > Backup > Download. Your Blogger theme is saved in your default download folder as an XML file.

Stage 2: Install the Blank Theme

In the second phase, you must install the blank theme either by uploading it or by pasting the XML code in ‘Theme Editor’.

1. Copy the XML code (of the blank theme) from below.


Blank Blogger Template

© This is a Blank Template by Techy Gen Collaboration with Piki Templates

2. Go to Blogger dashboard > Themes > Triangular Icon > Edit HTML.

3. In the Theme Editor, locate the cursor at any place and press Ctrl + A.

4. Press Delete.

5. Now, paste (Ctrl + V) the code from above into Theme Editor.

6. Save the theme by clicking on the 'disk' icon.

The blank theme is installed. Now, it's time to restore the theme that you had backed up in the first stage.

Stage 3: Restore the Theme

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Themes > Triangular Icon > Restore > Upload.

2. Select the XML file downloaded earlier and click 'open'.

Your Blogger theme will be restored and any broken segments will be fixed. Please make sure to make use of 'Layout' segment to edit the components of your Blogger theme. Use of this segment enables to maximize the functionalities and beauty of your template up to the extent that it can provide.

I hope that you have learned how to fix the broken Blogger themes.

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