7 best Ideas on Google AdSense Approval for Websites [2022 Update]

Are you facing problems with approval of Google AdSense for your website? Did Google just send you notification with issues? Do not panic! You are not alone in this journey. Even I got rejected for some of my projects. Based on my experience with AdSense approval, I am here with 7 ways of getting your website approved for Google AdSense Program.

1. Domain Name for Google AdSense Approval

Any kind of domain, or subdomain should be okay for Google to approve AdSense Program as long as you fulfill other requirements. Subdomains like yourname.blogspot.com, myinterest.eu.org, or ccTLDs like yourname.com.np are okay.

However, I suggest you that your domain name should match with your niche. You can even establish some unique domain names as your brand on that particular niche. You can brand ‘your name’ on particular niche- all depends on your success on making yourself popular on some topic.

2. Do not forget ads.txt

You need to put your own AdSense verification code into ads.txt file to verify that the domain belongs to you.

The code looks like this- google.com, pub-1234567890123456, DIRECT, 16alphanumeric01

You can get the verification code for ads.txt in your own AdSense dashboard. You need to put your default AdSense verification code in the ads.txt file in your root domain.

In Blogger platform, it is super easy. Just go to Settings > Monetization. Toggle on ‘Enable custom ads.txt’. Paste the code into the text area, and click ‘SAVE’.

3. Use Simple Themes

Most of the Google AdSense Program implementors are professional full timers or part timers in blogging. As such person, you could have many creative ideas to design the homepage. However, while expecting an approval of AdSense Program for your website, please stick to simple themes.

The homepage can be 2-column or 3-column. Remember not to keep any other widget expect HTML widget for Google Ads. In the beginning, you can keep 2 HTML widgets for Google Ads.

4. Navigation Menu and Standard Pages

I have always experienced that horizontal menu works best when it comes to Google AdSense Approval. Sites with vertical menus have also been approved- my acquaintances have been doing it.

Remember to include standard pages like- about us, privacy policy, disclaimer and contact us. Replace ‘us’ with ‘me’ if you need to do so. I have used privacy policy generator, disclaimer generator as some occasions.

5. Quality and Quantity of Posts

You should have original (self-written) articles on your website. 30-35 articles should be okay before you apply for Google AdSense Program Implementation.

Some bloggers have been pitching their experiences which suggest that non-unique websites or blogs may not get approval of Google AdSense Program. It sounds logical- there might not be more traffic when you are going to write which has already been written by thousands.

Please keep in mind that your posts should be well structured. By structure, I mean proper categorization (if possible, hierarchic categorization) and formatting of the post.

Categorization is somehow similar to putting your posts into proper shelves of your personal library. Formatting is like making your article keeping the readers in mind. You can use table of contents, tables, QAs et cetera in your posts.

I am not suggesting you word limits. Some articles look weird with more words. However, articles with at least 600 words are ideal for blog posts.

After you have applied for Google AdSense Program Implementation, please do not stop posting new articles. You must keep on writing. Frequency can be less, but not zero.

6. Drive Traffic

There should be significant traffic for your website to get approved for Google AdSense Program Implementation.

You can suggest your articles on social media to pull interest of audience towards your website. In my case, I used strategies like sending messages on messenger, commenting on blogs, words-by-mouth, and so on.

7. Rejected? Try Again

If they decline you for the first time, work more on your website and apply again. You may get rejected for second and consecutive times as well.

You can create a checklist, and develop your website further as per these 7 ideas for Google AdSense approval.

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