5 Myths on Blogger- Busting the Common Misconceptions about Blogger

Emerging CMSs have threatened the future of Blogger – a content management system (CMS) that pioneered the web 2.0. Mid 2000s saw many individual content writers attracted towards making use of their subdomain.blogspot.com in digital publishing.

In fact, Blogger and WordPress together created the history. The sheer impact in the writing (and critical reading plus commenting/critiquing) community was huge, and still is. Many of the Blogger users remain concerned, however, about the myths on this magical publishing platform. The fast paced development of other platforms have significantly sparked the fire. Here, we attempt to express our positive lights on 5 common myths on Blogger/Blogspot.

misconceptions about blogger

📑Table of Blogger Myths

Myth #1- Blogger.com will cease its services.

While many so-called experts in digital publishing world have been claiming that Google will cease Blogger as its services, and might come up with something extraordinary. We can too see that sign. Please see the official Google blog which has .google as its tld. The title of the official Google blog is Google – The Keyword. It seems like they have levelled to the functionalities of WordPress in this UI they have developed. You can compare it with the official blogger blog which is not updated since 2020. At this moment, we can assume that Google might bring the functionality of official Google blog into Blogger platform. Recently we have discovered how Blogger is connected to Google Album Archive. In fact, Google can integrate all of its services, or at least the needful tools for the digital publishing and come with a Bang ! I personally think that it is a matter of some technical preparations away.

Myth #2- Blogger.com has lesser reputation than other CMSs.

With millions, if not, thousands of bloggers around the world using Blogger in their digital publishing; we can not accept that Blogger has lesser reputation than other CMSs. We can agree that other paltforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Wix etc. have attracted few people. Some people have started to get a domain, some webspace and install WordPress in that. However, I have not come across a scientific study that has proven lesser reputation of Blogger.com than other CMSs. In fact, many people whom I have conversed with have been remaining optimistic that Blogger will transform over the time, steadily and sustainably.

Myth #3- Subdomain on blogspot.com will not be approved for Google Adsense project.

This is absolute refutable statement. I have seen range of quality content writers in the region where I live. Some have been writing blogs under the URL like https://theirname.blogspot.com/ and generating sustainable (Google Adsense) income of around 1K USD every month.

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Myth #4- Blogger.com offers lesser opportunities of SEO.

Till there emerged an opportunity of utilizing Schema options in blog posts in Blogger, we can generally agree that WordPress and other reputed CMSs had been outperforming Blogger posts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now, search engines have created a strenuous complexity of indexing- and ranking algorithms. We can generally agree that the Schema types, use of keywords, quality of the content, web traffic, backlinks, site-loading speed, and experiences of the crawling bots (also called spiders) determine the SEO of individual blogs. With the promising design of the templates, some developers from Indonesia, India and Bangladesh have been claiming money-back guarantee if the templates/themes do not generate traffic and eventually ranking for the unique keywords. It seems like our optimism about Blogger.com has regained its sheer weight with this opportunity.

Myth #5- Google will stop your blog-project on Blogger, whenever it wants.

The world is not filled with anarchists as we might think. Google has guidelines and policies for quality of the content and plagiarism slurs. Especially with plagiarism slurs, Google will not tolerate such websites further. One might even compromise the Google Adsense income and account itself. Your name might be blacklisted in Adsense records. However, if your contents are original, you do not need to worry about such actions from Google.

We have busted the common myths around Blogger- the free digital publishing platform offered by Google. You might have some questions and concerns. If so, please comment below. We will get more motivation in writing on those topics/issues.

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