[ Advanced Guide ]How to Optimize Blogger Settings for SEO in 2022?

Do you want to optimize your new (or who knows, might be older) Blogger website settings be friendly with the Search Engines? You can learn with my own search engine optimization (SEO) experience.

Dear readers, let me introduce myself. My name is Guru. Before starting to work at Techy Gen, I have had successful projects in both Blogger and WordPress. I have been slow, yet steady learner. I started learning HTML, DHTML, CSS and Javacript while at the university. I have been developing my deep interest in digital publishing and search engine optimization (SEO). I believe that you can too write in the internet on the niche(s) of your interest and competence, and drive traffic to your website. I promise that I will be together with you in our journey in writing blogs and SEO. Promise me, the first thing that you will do is focus on quality- and technical writing.

Well, I already have vibes that you are now determined in quality- and technical writing. Let me make it clear, that it is something similar to academic writing. The only difference is that you do not have professors to grade you. You have human readers and search engine bots (also called web crawlers) to judge you ! Let me repeat my commitment that I will also help you on writing blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must be prepared to take it seriously. Write originally from yourself and be technical in writing. Rest is just a matter of unfolding the opportunities ahead.

However, you must be aware that there is something called market of niche(s). For example – if you have been writing on the niche
– street food recipes, and you have not been generating more traffic; you must evaluate yourself on three questions. First, do you have sheer number of people interested on ‘street food recipes’ in the readers market? Secondly, are they using search engines, or perhaps forums or social media to look for the ‘street food recipes’? Lastly, have you made strategies to bring traffic to your website from all sources like search engines, social media, mailing list, or perhaps your own branding?

We will discuss further on other strategies of driving the traffic to your website in other blogs. First, let us talk about search engines. I suggest that content writers of 2020s must index their websites with at least Google and Bing. Beforehand, optimizing the website settings is the first step in making a presence and eventually ranking higher in search results of those search engines. Let me take you to tell my story and help you learn how to optimize Blogger settings become friendly to search engines for crawling and indexing.

I had been writing on Blogger platform since the antiquity. I did not have a strong desire to drive traffic to my website, and hence did not attempt with anything. One day, I suddenly realised that I might have been late in branding myself and work because this would have helped me shape my career and generate promising passive income through Google Adsense monetization. I already had more than 20 quality articles on the niche of my interest and command.

One day, I finally made myself determined to optimize my website to be search engine – friedly. I did everything from optimizing the Blogger Settings for SEO, to Submitting the website (and individual posts/pages) to search Engines. Needless to say, I have now been working on on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Oh, I have been marching ahead in WordPress as well.

In this blog, I will guide you on how to maintain Blogger settings for Search Engine Friendliness.

Blogger Settings for Search Engine Friendliness

  1. First go to Blogger Dashboard and then Settings.
  2. Your Blog Title must be kept relevant to your niche(s) of blogs in the website. Multiple niches are ideal for a blog project only if they are related to a word or phrase representing of your title.
  3. You can provide description to the Title of the website. It is optional step.
  4. You can upload favicon.ico if you have already prepared it. Remember to make it graphically appealing as per the branding principles.
  5. Toggle on ‘visible to search engines‘.
  6. If you have a custom domain for blogger, toggle on ‘Redirect domain‘ to www version.
  7. Toggle on both ‘HTTPS availability‘ and ‘HTTPS redirect‘.
  8. Make sure that the ‘Reader access‘ is public.
  9. For ‘Max posts shown on main page‘ : I believe that showing 5 posts on homepage is ideal for SEO.
  10. Please choose ‘always‘ for comment moderation. You might not want spam comments hurting your SEO.
  11. Under ‘Meta Tags‘, toggle on ‘enable search description‘.
  12. Provide a description well within 150 characters (including the spaces). Remember to use a sentence rather than cloud of keywords. Actually, right keywords help, not a stuffing of them.
  13. Toggle on ‘enable custom robots.txt
  14. Copy and paste the code (given below) under ‘Custom robots.txt‘. Make sure that you put in your domain address instead of the one highlighted in blue. Alternatively, you can learn from other successful websites by hitting such address on address bar – .
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: https://techygen.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=5000
  1. Toggle on ‘Enable custom robots header tags‘.
  2. For ‘Home page tags‘, toggle on ‘all‘ and ‘noodp‘.
  3. For ‘Archive and search page tags‘, toggle on ‘noindex‘ and ‘noodp‘.
  4. For ‘Posts and page tags‘, toggle on ‘all‘ and ‘noodp‘.

When you have optimized the Blogger settings for SEO, you must go forward with submitting your Blogger website to Search Engines, followed by submitting the Blogger sitemaps to search engines. While we expect automatic crawling and indexing by the bots (or crawlers/spiders), we must spped up the process by manually submitting the individual posts and pages for crawling and indexing.

I hereby remind you that issues would be with Search Engines – they may discover your website and not index your website. Hence, I suggest you to take the keywords for blog writing – originality, technique, interest, and command. You also need to have patience waiting the positive outcome. You can also practice on-page and off-page SEO for Blogger/Blogspot website. You need to have consistency on writing good articles – all originally unless the search engines begin to discover your website with higher degree of authority and ultimately index almost each and every posts. In my case, I gradually moved forward with a blog posting schedule, despite my busy schedule of academic works.

Guru | Techy Gen

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