Flip Card Game Code for Website | Blogger Game Flip Card

Dear bloggers, do you like retro games? Do you remember the games which had been wonders of your digital playthings? We have brought a code of Flip Game (HTML, JS, CSS combo) which can be used on your Blogger website.

Blogger Game Flip Card

All you need to do is, 1. copy the codes below, 2. edit the post/page in Blogger (HTML mode), 3. paste the codes, and 4. save the post/page.

Please remember to keep the CSS script between . Additionally, the JS between . Otherwise, we have made it possible it for you. See further down below.

By now, while you are reading and doing things, this Flip Card Game should have been live on your Blogger website! Hola!

Credits to: RyoCoding | CodePen.io

See the Pen Flip Game by りょう@ウェブエンジニア (@ryocoding) on CodePen.

If there are some problems in the HTML, CSS, JS code above, you can use the reformatted code from below.

We hope that you will utilize the essence of the codes presented here from various sources.

Happy Coding !

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