Sashi Mandal | An Emerging Hip Hop Artist from Birtamode, Jhapa, Nepal

OSR Reality posted a YouTube Video segment from its flagship reality show called ‘Nep Hop ko Shreepech’ which featured Sashi Mandal, a young man from Birtamode, Jhapa, Nepal.

The video introduced Sashi Mandal himself, his village located in Jhapa, Nepal, and his grandmother who wished he’d stay in Nepal while majority of youths have been chasing their dream in foreign lands.

Sashi also mentioned that he was ready with passport in his hand, but the reality show stopped him as he has been passionately following his hip hop dreams as well.

Sashi Mandal
Sashi Mandal freestyling in his hometown | Source: Nep Hop ko Shreepech / OSR Reality

With a tea estate in his background, the freestyling rap that he performed in bright yellow colored Tee in the outdoor setting looked super awesome.

He recalls his history of transforming into a committed hip hop artist. He said that he used to write poems which paved his way into hip hop.

He considers Yama Buddha (Anil Adhikari) as a key source of inspiration. It seems like Yama Buddha’s untimely death has added to the thrust of emerging and potentially more talented pool of Nepali hip hop / rap artists.

He looked very humble and disciplined guy. Such innate values are likely to be lost by some viral hiphop artists. If I would suggest him, I would say to him- keep on being yourself , Sashi Mandal aka Sashi Underground !

His grandmother adores his hard work and his creations. She mentioned that he wakes up at 3 o’ clock in the morning and goes to the tea-estate and sings there rather alone. When he comes back home from work, he again sits in solitude and writes the lyrics.

Let me transliterate Nepali lyrics here-

Buddha ko Chela ma Shambhu ko Bhakta

Yuddha ko Bela ma Bagne chha Rakta

Murkha ko Bhela ma, Bhagya ko Khelaa maa, Soch Bhanda Thulo

Aru Ke Nai Huna Sakchha

He said that ‘Nep Hop ko Shreepech’ has brought ‘Sashi Underground’ into the open opportunities amidst the reality that he was eyeing foreign countries with green passport in his hand. His grandmom adds that she wishes him to stay in Nepal with wonderful nature, and moments of bliss with the family.

He composed a reply to ‘sathi’ song from Yama Buddha and spitted the free verses. It had been dope. The panelists at the Itahari Audition of Nep Hop ko Shreepech selected him for further rounds. We wish that he does not need to look for foreign employment in other countries. Who knows? He may tour in the foreign countries with his compositions and performances.

A talent is born in Nepali Hip Hop (Nephop) ! Keep it up Sashi Mandal !

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