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Not many people might have found Serhat Durmus in the world of algorithms. I personally suggest that you will only gain when you indulge in the ecstasy of electronic music made by this young Turkish man.

Serhat Durmus has his own website to tell you more about him. What I know for now is that he is from Turkey and makes electronic music, basically.

The world struggling to get rid of the viral pandemic should know him and listen to him. Hopefully, it reduces your anxiety level. His productions are more than mesmerizing. His beats chill your body, mind, and soul all at once.

We have slowly been acknowledging Alan Walker and strongly adoring him as a music producer. The same goes for Sia, and Tones and I. My suggestion is – Serhat Durmus is another one. His music connects the East and the West. The entire world can confidently say – Yes, that’s my kinda music!

How I came across Serhat Durmus Music

My older child is an avid fan of animes. She was watching the TV and suddenly something hit my ears. The composition was so awesome that I stopped working and turned my attention to the TV. The video had clips of the movie Transformers, the background music was something that pulled me.

Initially, I had thought that the music was OST of the Transformers. The clips legitimized the value of the music with its grandness. A few months later I realized that the video was just Youtube views grabbing plot by someone.

The original music was from somewhere that I was tempted to track down. I also wanted to listen to other productions by the composer. I came across Serhat Durmus Music – the official Youtube Channel of Serhat Durmus.

The Turkish name was quite difficult for me to remember at once. More I listened to his productions, remembering his name became easier. He now ranks top 10 beat producers of all time, at least for me.

More about Serhat Durmus

Serhat Durmus (born on April 10, 1998) apparently prefers to remain low profile while his music has been hitting the charts worldwide, at least on my personal devices.

When you try to find his photos, you can find a photo of his face in a face mask. Writers of Wikis and Biographies could have been struggling hard to find more about Serhat Durmus.

I actually like his way of doing things. You can make the world vibe with your goodness while kicking the a**es of corporate-driven algorithms and lesser-value contents produced for feeding the algorithms again.

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